MTH 05 - Elementary Algebra 6 hours 0 credits

Signed numbers, evaluation of algebraic expressions, linear equations and their graphs, polynomials, factoring, radical expressions, quadratic equations.

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Final Exam Information Go to  for more information on the CUNY Elementary Algebra final exam, including sample finals such as

Download ten practice final exams to prepare yourself for the CEAFE (updated July 2016):
Ver. 1, Ver. 2, Ver. 3, Ver. 4, Ver. 5, Ver. 6, Ver. 7, Ver. 8, Ver. 9, Ver. 10


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Additional Resources:
1. If you do not have computer with internet access, you can find one on campus. There are 14 computer labs located throughout the campus. The locations are listed here
2. Mathematics Tutoring is available 7 days a week in the Learning Commons in Meister Hall Sub-basement 05. The number is 718.289.5100 ext 3139.
3. Supplemental Instruction STUDY HALLS during the second half of the semester will be announced via Broadcast email and posted here.


Prerequisites: Math 01 or equivalent and RDL 01 if required. Refer to Mathematics Placement Chart or Tool. Barring other exemptions, students place into MTH 05 with an ACCUPLACER score 40≤M5<57 or COMPASS score M1≥35 or COMPASS score 30≤M2<40 .
Corequisite: RDL 02 if required.


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