MTH 01 - Fundamental Concepts and Skills in Arithmetic and Algebra 4 hours 0 credits
(not offered after Spring 2021)

Topics selected from basic operations in arithmetic, geometry, verbal problems whose solutions involve arithmetic processes, generalizations of the principles of arithmetic leading to the fundamental concepts of algebra. Elementary treatment of signed numbers and linear equations.

Text: ARITHMETIC: A Textbook for Math 01 (5th Edition 2015) pdf by Anthony Weaver

 Third Edition of Text: ARITHMETIC: A Textbook for Math 01 (3rd Edition 2012) pdf by Anthony Weaver
 Solutions to odd numbered exercises by Natalia Novak: Chapters 1-2 pdf, Chapters 3-5 pdf. (Tex files here and here)

Syllabus: pdf, docx

Review Sheets: PDF (2015) and PDF (2014), html (2014), word (2014)

Supplementary handouts:

Prerequisite: None. Refer to College Curricula Mathematics Requirements and Compass Cut-Off scores for Mathematics Placement.
Corequisite: RDL 01 if required.

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Previous 2016 syllabus: word, pdf, html
Suggested Daily Syllabus:word, pdf, html

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