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MATH 01  Fundamental Concepts and Skills in Arithmetic and Algebra


4 hours, 0 credits; Corequisite:  RDL 01 if required.


Text:  Arithmetic: a Textbook for Math 01, 5th ed., by Anthony Weaver, available online at


Learning Objectives: Proficiency in the arithmetic of signed numbers, fractions, mixed numbers and decimals.  Proficiency in the use and application of percents, ratios and proportions.  Ability to solve simple linear equations.


A supplementary work book containing many practice problems, prepared by Prof. Uma Iyer, is available online at





















Pace:  There are 56 total class hours.  The suggested allocation of class hours to chapter topics below leaves 10 hours free for quizzes, tests, and review. 


  1. Ch. 1:  Whole Numbers (4 hours)
  2. Ch. 2:  Signed Numbers (8 hours)
  3. Ch. 3:  Fractions and Mixed Numbers (16 hours)
  4. Ch. 4:  Decimals and Percents (8 hours). 
  5. Ch. 5:  Ratio and Proportion (4 hours)
  6. Ch. 6:  Toward Algebra (6 hours)


Exams:  There will be departmental mid-semester assessment exam.   Results of the assessment may be used at the instructorÕs discretion in determining a studentÕs final grade, but the assessment must be administered and results  must be returned to the Department office.  There will be a departmental final exam which must be administered to all sections.  Sample finals are available for instructors to consult. 


Grading:  In-class exams, quizzes, homeworks are given at the instructorÕs discretion.  It is recommended that at least 4 in-class tests be given, including the midterm assessment.  The final exam ordinarily counts for approximately 1/3 of a studentÕs grade. 

N.B.: The Department does not assign D grades in Math 01:  the lowest passing grade is C-.




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