MTH 21.5 - A Mathematical World with Algebra 5 hours 3 credits

This course aims to introduce liberal arts students to the important mathematical concepts of sets, numbers, probability, statistics, and geometry. Students will learn how to analyze quantitative information, and how to make inferences and predictions about events around us. Further topics covered include financial management and linear programming. The following material from arithmetic and elementary algebra has been integrated into the course to provide the necessary background: fractions, decimals, percentages, radicals, functions, polynomials, linear and quadratic equations, literal equations, systems of equations,inequalitiesinoneandtwovariables. This course is equivalent to MTH 21 A Mathematical World in academic content for the purposes of transfer and grade replacement.

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Prerequisites:None. Students with Math Proficiency Index less than 40 are strongly encouraged to enroll in Math Start or CUNY Start, before taking college-level mathematics courses.

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