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Research Seminar

Talks at the Research Seminar are given by BCC department faculty members and invited speakers from other institutions. The seminar usually meets on Tuesdays 12:05-1:00pm in CP 305. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Math Meetings

Ongoing lectures on advanced topics are offered at the bi-weekly Math Meetings. They are held in on Wednesday in CP 418 and Thursdays in CP 309 from 12:15-1:15pm. All are welcome. This semester's offerings are coordinated by Profs. Fang, Hu, and Lejmi. Please see the SCHEDULE OF TALKS.

Spring 2018 Research Seminar Schedule

Coordinator: Cormac O'Sullivan

February 13

  Matt Sunderland, CUNY Graduate Center,  Geometric Group Theory... +Randomness!

February 20

  No Seminar (Monday Schedule)  

February 27

  Carlos Moreno, Baruch College CUNY,  TBA

March 6

  Ivan Horozov, BCC,  TBA

March 13

  Jan Trlifaj, Charles University, Prague,  TBA

March 20


March 27


April 3

  No Seminar (Spring Break) 

April 10


April 17


April 24


May 1


May 8


May 15


Fall 2017 Research Seminar Schedule

Coordinator: Cormac O'Sullivan

September 26

  Dennis Sullivan, CUNY Graduate Center and Stony Brook University,  Applications of topology to construct algorithms for computing fluid motion in 2 and 3 dimensions

October 3

  Philipp Rothmaler, BCC and CUNY Graduate Center,  The Baer-Specker Group and its relatives

October 10

  Satyanand Singh, NY City Tech CUNY,  Extensions and applications of the Calkin Wilf tree

October 17

  Zajj Daugherty, City College CUNY,  Two-boundary diagram algebras

October 24

  Yun Yang, CUNY Graduate Center,  Complexity of Dynamical Systems

October 31

  Cormac O'Sullivan, BCC and the CUNY Graduate Center   Kepler's equation, Bessel functions and Perron's method

November 7

  Kerry Ojakian , BCC,   Extremal cop-win graphs

November 14

  Wade Hindes, CUNY Graduate Center,  Prime divisors in orbits and Galois groups of iterates

November 21

  (Friday Schedule)  

November 28

  Nikos Apostolakis, BCC, Self dual non-crossing trees

December 5

  Evangelia Antonakos, BCC, An epistemic logic of multiple knowledge sources

December 12

  Mahmoud Zeinalian, Long Island University and the CUNY Graduate Center,  Almost Kähler manifolds are Kähler

Spring 2017 Research Seminar Schedule

Coordinator: Cormac O'Sullivan

February 14

  Sam van Gool, City College,  Pro-aperiodic monoids via saturated models

February 21

  Josh Sussan, Medgar Evers College and the Graduate Center,  Towards categorification of 3-manifold invariants

February 28

  Byungdo Park, BCC & Hunter College,  Aspects of equivariant gerbes with connection

March 7

  Melkana Brakalova-Trevithick, Fordham University   Quasi-symmetric maps and the Weil-Petersson class

March 14

  *Cancelled due to snow*  

March 21

  Cesar Valverde, Medgar Evers College   Distinguished representations

March 28

  Alf Dolich, Kingsborough Community College and the Graduate Center,  Around The Model Theory of Pairs of Ordered Rational Vector Spaces

April 4

  Jonathan Sondow Ramanujan, highly composite numbers, and the Riemann Hypothesis

April 11

  no seminar (Spring Break) 

April 18

  no seminar (Spring Break) 

April 25

  Roman Kossak, BCC and the CUNY Graduate Center  Properties recognizable in automorphism groups

May 2

  Athar Abdul-Quader, CUNY Graduate Center  Lattices of Elementary Substructures

May 9

  Henri Guenancia, Stony Brook University  Miyaoka-Yau inequality for minimal models

May 16

  The Stanley Friedlander Lecture
Ara Basmajian
, Hunter College and the CUNY Graduate Center 
Curves on Riemann Surfaces and their Invariants

Fall 2016 Research Seminar Schedule

Coordinator: Cormac O'Sullivan

September 20

  Alexander Kheyfits, BCC,  The Lambert W function

September 27

  Ivan Horozov, BCC,  4-dimensional regular and semi-regular polytopes

October 4

  No Seminar (Holiday) 

October 11

  No Seminar (Holiday) 

October 18

  Joel Zablow, BCC,  Relations in quandles, groups, and braiding

October 25

  Cris Poor, Fordham University,  Examples of modularity in degree two

November 1

  Roman Kossak, BCC and Graduate Center of CUNY,  Borel reducibility

November 8

  Nikos Apostolakis, BCC  Non crossing trees and their medial directed trees

November 15

  Mel Nathanson, Lehman College and the Graduate Center, CUNY  Asymptotic approximate groups

November 22

  Deirdre Haskell, McMaster University  Using model theory to find upper bounds on VC density

November 29

  Tony Weaver, BCC  A counting problem arising in mapping class groups

December 6

  Luis Fernandez, BCC  Quantization of the curvature of harmonic surfaces in spheres

Spring 2016 Research Seminar Schedule

Coordinator: Maria Psarelli


February 16

  Joel Nagloo, BCC,  On degree bounds for Lie integrability of algebraic differential equations.

February 23

  Mark Edelman, BCC/NYU/Yeshiva,  Systems with power-law memory and fractional dynamics

March 1

  Medhi Lejmi, BCC,  The symplectic Futaki invariant as an asymptotic invariant

March 8

  Nishan Chatterjee, Graduate Center of CUNY,  Some metric properties of Teichmuller space of a closed set in the sphere

March 15

  Uma Iyer, BCC,  Quantum Differential Operators

March 22

  Yves Martin, University of Chile,  On collections of Fourier coefficients which determine Siegel cusp forms of degree two

March 29

  Andres Villaveces, Universidad Nacional, Bogota, Colombia,  Model Theory and j-functions

April 5

  Roman Kossak, BCC and the Graduate Center of CUNY,  On some applications of nonstandard models

April 12

  Earl Taft, Rutgers University,  Left Quantum Groups

April 19

  Mehdi Lejmi, BCC,  Quaternionic Bott-Chern cohomologies and existence of HKT metrics

April 26

  SPRING RECESS no lecture scheduled 

May 3

  Sudeb Mitra, Queens College and the Graduate Center of CUNY,  TBA

May 10

  The Stanley Friedlander Lecture
Jason Behrstock
, Lehman College and the Graduate Center of CUNY, 
Random graphs and applications to Coxeter groups

May 17

  Karen Taylor, BCC,  The Shintani Lift on the Full Modular Group

Fall 2015 Research Seminar Schedule

Coordinator: Maria Psarelli


September 29

  Karen Taylor, BCC,  Hyperbolic Fourier Expansions of Modular Forms on the Full Modular Group

October 6

  Mariela Carvacho, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Monica, Chile,  Isogenous decomposition of the Jacobian of generalized Fermat curves

October 13

  Ivan Horozov, BCC,  Multiple Dedekind zeta values

October 20

  Alexander Kheyfits, BCC,  Octonion-valued monogenic functions

October 27

  Biao Wang, Queensborough Community College,  Stability of catenoids and helicoids in hyperbolic 3-space

November 3

  Nikos Apostolakis, BCC,  How to Peg a Leo

November 10

  Mike Munn, New York University, Courant Institute,   3-Dimensional Alexandrov spaces with weak Ricci bounds

November 17

  Caner Koca, New York CityTech, CUNY,   Einstein-Maxwell Metrics

November 24

  Ravi Kulkarni, Bhaskaracharya Institute of Mathematics, Pune, India,  A Perspective on Representations of Finite Groups

December 1

  Russell Miller, Queens College and the Graduate Center,   Computability problems in number theory

December 8

  Cormac O'Sullivan, BCC and the Graduate Center,   Polylogarithms and their zeros

Spring 2015 Research Seminar Schedule

Coordinator: Maria Psarelli


February 10

  Heng Yang, Graduate Center,  Change-Point Detection and Uncertainty Identification

February 17

  No Seminar 

February 24

  Bianca Santoro, City College and Graduate Center,  Bifurcation of periodic solutions to singular Yamabe problem on spheres

March 3

  Jani Virtanen, University of Reading, England,  Hankel and Toeplitz operators on Fock spaces

March 10

  Alexander Tovstolis, Oklahoma State University,  Mahler measure of the Hadamard product of two polynomials, and some inequalities of Approximation Theory

March 12

  Abraham Smith, Fordham University,  Solving PDEs and almost-commuting matrices

March 17

  Hunter R. Johnson, John Jay College,  VC Dimension and PAC Learning

March 24

  Alice Medvedev, City College,  TBA

March 31

  Andrew McInerney, BCC,  Problems in Floer Theory

April 7

  Spring Break  

April 14

  Karen Taylor, BCC,  Applications of Hyperbolic Fourier Coefficients

April 21

  Jo Nelson, Barnard College, Columbia University and the Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton,  Invariants of contact structures and Reeb dynamics

April 28

  Joseph A. Ball, Virginia Tech,  Bounded Real Lemma and structured singular value versus diagonal scaling: the free noncommutative setting

May 5

Christina Sormani
, Lehman College and the Graduate Center of CUNY, 
Hawking mass and the Convergence of Regions in Spacelike Universes

May 12

  Tony Weaver, BCC,  Regular dessins

Fall 2014 Schedule

Coordinators: Maria Psarelli and Quanlei Fang


September 16

  Mariela Carvacho Bustamante, Graduate Center,  Some aspect on the classification of group actions on compact Riemann surfaces

September 23

  No Seminar, Classes Follow a Friday Schedule

September 30 


Radek Wojciechowski, York College,  The Feller property for graphs


October 7 


Roman Kossak, BCC,  Elementary extensions of the ring of integers


October 14 


Jorge Pineiro, BCC,  Two numbers correcting the behavior of rational maps: the dynamical degree and the d-ratio


October 21 


Kerry Ojakian, BCC, Characterizing Cop-Win Graphs


October 28 


Yunping Jiang, Queens College and the Graduate Center,  Complex Analysis in Solving a Real Problem


November 4 


Chris Conidis, College of Staten Island,  New Interactions between Computability Theory and Algebra


November 11 


Tony Weaver, BCC  A tale of two permutaion groups


November 18 


Manachanallur S. Ravi, Queensborough Community College,  TBA


November 25 


Jo Nelson, Barnard College, Columbia University and Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton,  Invariants of contact structures and Reeb dynamics
CANCELED -- to be rescheduled in Spring 2015


December 2 


Azita Mayeli, Queensborough Community College,  Connection between exponential bases and translation bases


December 9 


Joel Nagloo, Graduate Center of CUNY,  Model theory and the Painleve equations


Spring 2014 Schedule

Coordinators: Quanlei Fang and Anthony Weaver

February 11

  Peter Spaeth, Penn State Altoona,  Topological rigidity of contact and symplectic isotopies

February 18

  Moshe Kamensky, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,  Introduction to Picard-Vessiot theory

February 25 


Nikos Apostolakis,   Mind-body duality and self-dual embeddings of complete graphs




March 4 


Tony Weaver,   The wild automorphisms of the complex numbers




March 11 


Montserrat Alsina, Universitat Polytècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech (UPC), EPSEM Manresa,   Number theory meets coding theory: from quaternion algebras to Fuchsian codes




March 18 


Sean Cleary, CCNY CUNY,   The unusual geometry of Thompson's groups




March 25 


Roman Kossak,   How to build a tall rigid ordered ring




April 1 


Zhe Wang,   Quadratic differentials and Teichmuller spaces




April 8 


Gautam Chinta, CCNY CUNY,   Zeta functions, heat kernels, and spectral asymptotics on discrete tori




April 15 


Spring Break




April 22 


Spring Break




April 29 


Andrew Greene, Manhattan College,   Operator-valued derivations on tensor algebras


May 6 

  Quanlei Fang  Introduction to the Kadison-Singer problem

May 13

Linda Keen, Graduate Center and Lehman College,   Discreteness and the hyperbolic geometry of hexagons

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