Research Seminar

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bronx Community College

Talks at the Research Seminar are given by BCC department faculty members and invited speakers from other institutions. The seminar usually meets on Tuesdays at 12 p.m. in room CP 305 for one hour. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Coordinators:  Quanlei Fang, Anthony Weaver

Spring 2014 Schedule


February 11

  Peter Spaeth, Penn State Altoona,  “Topological rigidity of contact and symplectic isotopies”

February 18

  Moshe Kamensky, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,  “Introduction to Picard-Vessiot theory”

February 25 


Nikos Apostolakis,   “Mind-body duality and self-dual embeddings of complete graphs”




March 4 


Tony Weaver,   “The wild automorphisms of the complex numbers”




March 11 


Montserrat Alsina, Universitat Polytècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech (UPC), EPSEM Manresa,   “Number theory meets Coding theory: from quaternion algebras to Fuchsian codes”




March 18 


Sean Cleary, CCNY CUNY,   “The unusual geometry of Thompson's groups”




March 25 


Roman Kossak,   “How to build a tall rigid ordered ring”




April 1 


Zhe Wang,   “Quadratic differentials and Teichmuller spaces”




April 8 


Gautam Chinta, CCNY CUNY,   “Zeta functions, heat kernels, and spectral asymptotics on discrete tori”




April 15 


Spring Break




April 22 


Spring Break




April 29 


Andrew Greene, Manhattan CollegeTBA


May 6 

  Quanlei Fang,  TBA

May 13

Linda Keen, Graduate Center and Lehman College,  TBA



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