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Email: wangzhecuny@gmail.com

Research insterest: Quasiconformal maps and Teichmuller theory, Holomorophic Quadratic Differentials, and Holomorphic motions.

My papers at Google scholar. Please, email me if you have any problem getting them.

Preprint: Teichmuller spaces and local quasiconformal motion (with Yunping Jiang, Sudeb Mitra and Hiroshige Shiga).

Collaborators: Frederick Gardiner, Jun Hu, Yunchun Hu, Yunping Jiang, Sudeb Mitra, Hiroshige Shiga.

Fall 2015 Schedule:

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Math 01 Math 01    
Math 01   Math 01  

12:00-13:00, BCC

Research seminar


14:00-15:00, GC

Complex analysis and Dynamics seminar

  Math 05  

Math 05

 Math 05  Math 05 for SI leader

GC: The Graduate Center of CUNY; BCC: Bronx Community College.


Dynamical System Ideas in Applications, GC


October 9, Teichmuller space of a pair of pants, BCC

September 18, Hyperbolic metric and geodesics, BCC

September 11, Conformal metric and Gaussian curvature , BCC

May 19-22, Bers 100th Birthday and Sixth Iberoamerican Congress on Geometry, GC.

Special Session Teichmuller Theory: Title: Quasiconformal Motion.

Links of conference posters: Bers and Iberoamerican

April 30, Quadratic differentials, GC.

Gardiner's variation formula.

April 1, Research seminar at BCC.

Quadratic differentials and Teichmuller Spaces.

March 19, Quadratic differentials V, GC.

Schwarzian derivative and Bers reproducing formula.

January 15,AMS Special Session on Recent Progress in Geometric and Complex Analysis, Baltimore, MD.

Quasiconformal Motion.



December 4, Quasiconformal motions and a counter-example, GC.

November 15, Motions on the Riemann Sphere, GC.

Teichmuller spaces and local quasiconformal motions.

(Joint work with Yunping Jiang, Sudeb Mitra and Hiroshige Shiga)

November 13, Quadratic differentials IV, GC.

Pants Decompositon and Cylinder Decomposition of Riemann Surface.

October 23, Quadratic differentials III, GC.

Reich-Strebel's Main inequality and unique extremal Teichmuller map.

October 16, Quadratic differentials II, GC.

Teichmuller map and Grotzsch's inequality.

October 9, Quadratic differentials I, GC.

Definition of Quadratic Differentials and Partitions of Riemann Surface.