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ACCUPLACER placement starts Spring 2017. Also see first PDF below.
The Accuplacer has two parts, M5 (Elementary Algebra) and M6 (College-level math), each with scores 20-120. Only students with M5 score of 57 or higher will have an M6 score as well.

Must take MTH 1 if M5 score is 20 to 39
Must take MTH 5 if M5 score is 40 to 56

Students are "CUNY Math Proficient" and exempt from MTH 5 if their Accuplacer M5 score is 57 or greater. These students should take MTH 6, MTH 21, or MTH 23 whichever is the next course in their major's sequence (see below) unless they place out by their Accuplacer M6 score. No Accuplacer scores place students out of MTH 21/MTH 23.
Students with high SATs, Regents, college math transfer credit, etc. could be exempt from MTH 5 despite low Accuplacer scores. See Placement Guidelines PDF below for details.
Permitted to take MTH 21/23 if M5 score is 57 to 120
Permitted to take MTH 6 if M6 score is 20 to 64 (and M5 is 57 or greater)
Permitted to take MTH 13/30 if M6 score is 65 to 94 (and M5 is 57 or greater)
Permitted to take MTH 31 if M6 score is 95 to 120 (and M5 is 57 or greater)

  • Math Placement Guidelines PDF (see both pages)
  • How to Test Out of a Course PDF
  • College Credit Exams - Advanced Placement (AP) and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) PDF
  • Math Sequences by Major PDF
  • Information and review materials for ACCUPLACER (all three CATs) can be found on the CUNY assessment page.



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