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  Antonakos, Evangelia  Assistant Professor

Email address: evangelia.antonakos@bcc.cuny.edu
Webpage: Antonakos.net
Education:  Ph.D. Graduate Center of CUNY (2013)
Research Interests :  Mathematical Logic, Modal Logic
  Apostolakis, Nikos  Associate Professor

Email address:  nikolaos.apostolakis@bcc.cuny.edu
Web page
Education:  Ph.D. Graduate Center of CUNY (2001)
Research Interest:  Low Dimensional Topology
  Bates, Madelaine  Professor 

Email address: madelaine.bates@bcc.cuny.edu
Education:  Ph.D. Columbia University (1978)
Research Interests:  Mathematics Education & Related Areas
  Belilgne, Atlaw  Assistant Professor

Email address: atlaw.belilgne@bcc.cuny.edu
Education: Ph.D. St. Louis University
Research Interests:  Geometry, Topology
  Dias, Kealey  Associate Professor

Email address: kealey.dias@bcc.cuny.edu
Education:  Ph.D. Technical University of Denmark (2010)
Research Interests :  Complex Analysis, Dynamical Systems
  Fang, Quanlei (Shelley)  Professor

Email address:  quanlei.fang@bcc.cuny.edu
Web page
Education:  Ph.D. Virginia Tech (2008)
Research Interest:  Operator Theory and its Applications
  Fernandez, Luis  Professor

Email address: luis.fernandez01@bcc.cuny.edu
Web page
Education:  Ph.D. Washington University in St. Louis (1997)
Research Interests:  Differential Geometry, Submanifolds, Harmonic Maps, Minimal Surfaces
  Gouraige, Rony Associate Professor

Email address: rony.gouraige@bcc.cuny.edu
Education:  Ph.D. Graduate Center of CUNY (2006)
Research Interest:  Ring Theory
  Horozov, Ivan Assistant Professor

Email address: ivan.horozov@bcc.cuny.edu
Web page
Education:  Ph.D. Brown University (2004)
Research Interest:  Number Theory
  Hu, Yunchun  Assistant Professor

Email address: yunchun.hu@bcc.cuny.edu
Education: Ph.D. Graduate Center of CUNY (2014)
Research Interests: Dynamical Systems, Complex Analysis
  Iyer, Uma Professor

Email address: uma.iyer@bcc.cuny.edu
Education:  Ph.D. Indiana University (1999)
Research Interest:     Algebra
  Kheyfits, Alexander  Professor 

Email address:  alexander.kheyfits@bcc.cuny.edu
Education: Ph.D. Rostov State University, Russia (1973)
Research Interests:  Complex Analysis, Potential Theory
  Kim, Jason  Lecturer

Email address:  jasonkim800@gmail.com
Education: B.A. Computer Science, Queens College, CUNY (1984)
Research Interest:  Math and Computer Science Education
  Kossak, Roman  Professor

Email address: roman.kossak@bcc.cuny.edu
Google scholar
Education: Ph.D. University of Warsaw, Poland (1982)
Research Interests:  Foundations of Mathematics, Model Theory
  Leibman, George Associate Professor

Email address: gleibman@optimum.net
Web page
Education: Ph.D. Graduate Center of CUNY (2004)
Research Interests: Set Theory, Large Cardinals, Forcing
  Lejmi, Mehdi Assistant Professor

Email address: mehdi.lejmi@bcc.cuny.edu
Web page
Education: Ph.D. Université de Québec à Montréal, Canada (2010)
Research Interests:  Differential Geometry, Complex Geometry and Almost Hermitian Geometry
  Messaoudene, Mohamed   Professor

Email address: mohamed.messaoudene@bcc.cuny.edu
Education: Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1988)
Research Interests:  Geometric Measure Theory/Minimal Surfaces
  Nagloo, Joel (Ronnie) Assistant Professor

Email address: joel.nagloo@bcc.cuny.edu
Web page
Education: Ph.D. University of Leeds, U.K. (2014)
Research Interests: Differential/Difference Algebraic Geometry and Model theory
  Novak, Natalia Assistant Professor

Email address: natalia.novak@bcc.cuny.edu
Web page
Education:  Ph.D. Graduate Center of CUNY (2009)
  Ojakian, Kerry  Assistant Professor

Email address: kerry.ojakian@bcc.cuny.edu
Web page
Education:  Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University (2004)
Research Interests:  Logic, Computability, Combinatorics
  O'Sullivan, Cormac   Professor 

Email address: cormac.osullivan@bcc.cuny.edu
Web page
Education: Ph.D. Columbia University (1998)
Research Interests: Number Theory, Automorphic Forms
  Persinger, Sharon  Associate Professor

Email address: spersinger@pscmail.org
Web page
Education:  Ph.D. Graduate Center of CUNY (1991)
Research Interests:  Computer Science, Coding Theory, Computational Geometry, Group Theory
  Petrovic, Ivan Associate Professor

Email address:  ivan.petrovic@bcc.cuny.edu
Education:  Ph.D. Graduate Center of CUNY (1998)
Research Interests:  Complex Analysis, Dynamic Systems, Teichmuller Theory, Riemann Surfaces
  Pineiro, Jorge Associate Professor 

Email address:  jorge.pineiro@bcc.cuny.edu
Web page
Education:  Ph.D. Graduate Center of CUNY (2005)
Research Interests:  Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry
  Psarelli, Maria   Professor

Email address: maria.psarelli@bcc.cuny.edu
Education:  Ph.D. Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU (1995)
Research Interests:  Partial Differential Equation, Differential Geometry, Mathematical Physics
  Rothmaler, Philipp  Professor

Email address:  philipp.rothmaler@bcc.cuny.edu
Education:  Ph.D. Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin (1982)
Research Interests:  Model Theory and Algebra (especially Model Theory of Modules)
  Taylor, Karen Associate Professor

Email address: karen.taylor@bcc.cuny.edu
Education:  Ph.D. Temple University (2006)
Research Interests:  Analytic Number Theory, Automorphic Forms
  Togha, Amir Associate Professor

Email address: togha.bcc@gmail.com
Education:  Ph.D. George Washington University (2004)
Research Interest:  Mathematical Logic
  Wang, Zhe  Associate Professor

Email address: zhe.wang@bcc.cuny.edu
Web page
Education:  Ph.D. Graduate Center of CUNY (2011)
Research Interests:  Teichmuller Space, Quasiconformal Maps and Dynamical Systems
  Weaver, Anthony Professor

Email address: anthony.weaver@bcc.cuny.edu
Web page
Education:  Ph.D. Graduate Center of CUNY (1997)
Research Interests:  Riemann Surfaces, Moduli and Teichmuller Spaces, Group Theory, Number Theory
  Yom, Peter  Professor

Email address:  peter.yom@bcc.cuny.edu
Education:  Ph.D. University of Connecticut (1990)
Research Interests:  Infinite Abelian Group Theory, Butler Groups
  Zybert, Suzanne  Lecturer

Email address: suzanne.zybert@bcc.cuny.edu
Education:  M.A. Mathematics Education, Lehman College, CUNY (2011)
Research Interest :  Mathematics Education


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