MTH 06 - Intermediate Algebra and Trigonometry 6 hours 0 credits

Topics selected from real and complex numbers, function concept, coordinate geometry, linear and quadratic equations, systems of equations, geometry, elements of trigonometry.

Syllabus: word, pdf, htm

Review Sheetpdf, tex (2016 version)

Supplementary material:

Prerequisites: MTH 05 or two years of high school mathematics consisting of algebra and geometry or equivalent, and RDL 02 if required.


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Previous syllabus: (based on the 5th edition of the text but older trigonometry supplement) word, pdf
Previous syllabus: (based on the 4th edition of the text) word, zipped odt, pdf
Previous syllabus: (based on the 3rd edition of the text) html, word, zipped odt, pdf