Research Seminar

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bronx Community College

Talks at the Research Seminar are given by BCC department faculty members and invited speakers from other institutions. The seminar usually meets on Tuesdays at 12 p.m. in room CP 305 for one hour. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Spring 2018 Research Seminar Schedule

Coordinator: Cormac O'Sullivan

February 13

  Matt Sunderland, CUNY Graduate Center,  Geometric Group Theory...+Randomness!

February 20

  No Seminar, (Monday Schedule) 

February 27

  Carlos Moreno, Graduate Center CUNY,  Number of solutions of algebraic equations over finite fields

March 6

  Ivan Horozov, BCC,  Dedekind zeta values and moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces

March 13

  Jan Trlifaj, Charles University, Prague,  Representations and Approximations High and Low

March 20

  Mehdi Lejmi, BCC,  The Chern-Yamabe problem

March 27

  Sergio Estrada, Universidad de Murcia, Spain,  Approximation theory in algebraic contexts

April 3

  No Seminar (Spring Break) 

April 10

  Nikos Apostolakis, BCC,  Unicycles, almost minimal factorizations, and duality

April 17

  Pat Hooper, the CUNY Graduate Center and City College,  Refraction in the trihexagonal tiling

April 24

  Philipp Rothmaler, BCC and the CUNY Graduate Center,  Hiding model theory

May 1

  Malgorzata Marciniak, Laguardia Community College,  Hessian Dynamics on the Hesse Pencil

May 8

  Tony Weaver, BCC,  The anharmonic group

May 15

  The Stanley Friedlander Lecture
Ken Kramer
, the CUNY Graduate Center and Queens College, 
Ramification in Galois extensions of the rationals

Fall 2018 Research Seminar Schedule

Coordinator: Cormac O'Sullivan

September 18

  Holiday! - No Seminar 

September 25

  Cormac O'Sullivan, BCC and CUNY Graduate Center,  Some new results on the Riemann zeta function

October 2

  Robert Donley, Queensborough Community College,  Central Zeros of Clebsch-Gordan Coefficients

October 9

  Karen Taylor, BCC,  Identities and Maass Waveforms

October 16

  Kealey Dias, BCC,  Quadratic Differentials, Measured Foliations, and Metric Graphs on the Punctured Plane

October 23

  Vincent Martinez, Hunter College,  Asymptotic coupling in hydrodynamic equations and applications to data assimilation

October 30

  Yumeng Ou, Baruch College,  Recent developments on Falconer's distance set problem

November 6

  Wenjian Liu, Queensborough Community College,  Big Data Information Reconstruction on the Infinite Communication Tree Network

November 13

  Nikolaos Apostolakis, BCC,  Duality preserving bijections between non-crossing trees, quadrangulations of polygons, and ternary trees

November 20

  Alex Ryba, Queens College,  Computer generation of incidence theorems in projective geometry

November 27

  Svetoslav Zahariev, LaGuardia Community College,  On scaling limits in Euclidean quantum field theory

December 4

  Senia Sheydvasser, CUNY Graduate Center,  Two Trivial Problems and an Impossible One

December 11

  Claire Burrin, Rutgers University,  Windings of prime geodesics