Research Seminar

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bronx Community College

Talks at the Research Seminar are given by BCC department faculty members and invited speakers from other institutions. The seminar usually meets on Tuesdays at 12 p.m. in room CP 305 for one hour. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Spring 2016 Research Seminar Schedule

Coordinator: Maria Psarelli


February 16

  Joel Nagloo, BCC,  On degree bounds for Lie integrability of algebraic differential equations.

February 23

  Mark Edelman, BCC/NYU/Yeshiva,  Systems with power-law memory and fractional dynamics

March 1

  Medhi Lejmi, BCC,  The symplectic Futaki invariant as an asymptotic invariant

March 8

  Nishan Chatterjee, Graduate Center of CUNY,  Some metric properties of Teichmuller space of a closed set in the sphere

March 15

  Uma Iyer, BCC,  Quantum Differential Operators

March 22

  Yves Martin, University of Chile,  On collections of Fourier coefficients which determine Siegel cusp forms of degree two

March 29

  Andres Villaveces, Universidad Nacional, Bogota, Colombia,  Model Theory and j-functions

April 5

  Roman Kossak, BCC and the Graduate Center of CUNY,  On some applications of nonstandard models

April 12

  Earl Taft, Rutgers University,  Left Quantum Groups

April 19

  Mehdi Lejmi, BCC,  Quaternionic Bott-Chern cohomologies and existence of HKT metrics

April 26

  SPRING RECESS no lecture scheduled 

May 3

  Sudeb Mitra, Queens College and the Graduate Center of CUNY,  TBA

May 10

  The Stanley Friedlander Lecture
Jason Behrstock
, Lehman College and the Graduate Center of CUNY, 
Random graphs and applications to Coxeter groups

May 17

  Karen Taylor, BCC,  The Shintani Lift on the Full Modular Group

Fall 2016 Research Seminar Schedule

Coordinator: Cormac O'Sullivan

September 20

  Alexander Kheyfits, BCC,  The Lambert W function

September 27

  Ivan Horozov, BCC,  4-dimensional regular and semi-regular polytopes

October 4

  No Seminar (Holiday) 

October 11

  No Seminar (Holiday) 

October 18

  Joel Zablow, BCC,  Relations in quandles, groups, and braiding

October 25

  Cris Poor, Fordham University,  Examples of modularity in degree two

November 1

  Roman Kossak, BCC and Graduate Center of CUNY,  Borel reducibility

November 8

  Nikos Apostolakis, BCC  Non crossing trees and their medial directed trees

November 15

  Mel Nathanson, Lehman College and the Graduate Center, CUNY  Asymptotic approximate groups

November 22

  Deirdre Haskell, McMaster University  Using model theory to find upper bounds on VC density

November 29

  Tony Weaver, BCC  A counting problem arising in mapping class groups

December 6

  Luis Fernandez, BCC  Quantization of the curvature of harmonic surfaces in spheres