Research Seminar

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bronx Community College

Talks at the Research Seminar are given by BCC department faculty members and invited speakers from other institutions. The seminar usually meets on Tuesdays at 12 p.m. in room CP 305 for one hour. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Spring 2015 Research Seminar Schedule

Coordinator: Maria Psarelli


February 10

  Heng Yang, Graduate Center,  Change-Point Detection and Uncertainty Identification

February 17

  No Seminar 

February 24

  Bianca Santoro, City College and Graduate Center,  Bifurcation of periodic solutions to singular Yamabe problem on spheres

March 3

  Jani Virtanen, University of Reading, England,  Hankel and Toeplitz operators on Fock spaces

March 10

  Alexander Tovstolis, Oklahoma State University,  Mahler measure of the Hadamard product of two polynomials, and some inequalities of Approximation Theory

March 12

  Abraham Smith, Fordham University,  Solving PDEs and almost-commuting matrices

March 17

  Hunter R. Johnson, John Jay College,  VC Dimension and PAC Learning

March 24

  Alice Medvedev, City College,  TBA

March 31

  Andrew McInerney, BCC,  Problems in Floer Theory

April 7

  Spring Break  

April 14

  Karen Taylor, BCC,  Applications of Hyperbolic Fourier Coefficients

April 21

  Jo Nelson, Barnard College, Columbia University and the Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton,  Invariants of contact structures and Reeb dynamics

April 28

  Joseph A. Ball, Virginia Tech,  Bounded Real Lemma and structured singular value versus diagonal scaling: the free noncommutative setting

May 5

Christina Sormani
, Lehman College and the Graduate Center of CUNY, 
Hawking mass and the Convergence of Regions in Spacelike Universes

May 12

  Tony Weaver, BCC,  Regular dessins

Fall 2015 Research Seminar Schedule

Coordinator: Maria Psarelli


September 29

  Karen Taylor, BCC,  Hyperbolic Fourier Expansions of Modular Forms on the Full Modular Group

October 6

  Mariela Carvacho, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Monica, Chile,  Isogenous decomposition of the Jacobian of generalized Fermat curves

October 13

  Ivan Horozov, BCC,  Multiple Dedekind zeta values

October 20

  Alexander Kheyfits, BCC,  Octonion-valued monogenic functions

October 27

  Biao Wang, Queensborough Community College,  Stability of catenoids and helicoids in hyperbolic 3-space

November 3

  Nikos Apostolakis, BCC,  How to Peg a Leo

November 10

  Mike Munn, New York University, Courant Institute,   3-Dimensional Alexandrov spaces with weak Ricci bounds

November 17

  Caner Koca, New York CityTech, CUNY,   Einstein-Maxwell Metrics

November 24

  Ravi Kulkarni, Bhaskaracharya Institute of Mathematics, Pune, India,  A Perspective on Representations of Finite Groups

December 1

  Russell Miller, Queens College and the Graduate Center,   Computability problems in number theory

December 8

  Cormac O'Sullivan, BCC and the Graduate Center,   Polylogarithms and their zeros