Research Seminar

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bronx Community College

Talks at the Research Seminar are given by BCC department faculty members and invited speakers from other institutions. The seminar usually meets on Tuesdays at 12 p.m. in room CP 305 for one hour. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Coordinators:  Quanlei Fang, Anthony Weaver



Spring 2013 Schedule

February 19

  Joseph Maher, College of Staten Island   Random Walks, Continued Fractions and Geodesics on Surfaces

February 26 



Dusa McDuff,  Barnard College and Columbia University
Symplectic Embeddings and Continued Fractions




March 5 


Zhe Wang,   Quasiconformal Motion




March 12 


Christine Breiner, Columbia University   A New Compactness Theory for Minimal Surfaces




March 19 


QuanLei Fang   Hankel Operators on Hilbert Function Spaces




March 26 


Spring Break




April 2 


Spring Break




April 9 


Cormac O'Sullivan,   Rademacher's Coefficients and Sylvester's Waves




April 16 


Joshua Sussan, Medgar Evers College   Braid group actions and Heisenberg categorification




April 23 


Fred Gardiner,  Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center   Four Bugs in a Holomorphic Motion




April 30 


Jose La Luz, Hostos Community College   The Higher Derived Functors of the Primitive Element Functor of Quasitoric Manifolds


May 7 

  Nikos Apostolakis,   On certain stabilizers of the Hurwitz action



Fall 2013 Schedule

September 17

  Augustin Banyaga, Penn State   Morse Theory: From Elementary Calculus to Morse Homology

September 24 


Kealey Dias   On the parameter space of complex polynomial vector fields




October 1 


Karen Taylor   Hyperbolic Fourier coefficients of modular forms




October 8 


Michael Shub,  CONICET/IMAS/Universidad de Buenos Aires/CUNY-GC   Periodic Points on the Two-Sphere




October 1


No seminar, Monday schedule




October 22 


Roman Kossak   Elementary Extensions




October 29 


Marcos Zyman, BMCC   IA-automorphisms of finitely generated solvable groups




November 5 


Richard Churchill, Hunter College   Integer Differentiation, the Goldbach Conjecture, and the Twin Prime Conjecture




November 12 


Parul Laul   Localized Energy Estimates of the Wave Equation on Higher Dimensional Black holes




November 19 


Yunchun Hu   One-point symmetry and symmetric conjugacy




November 26

  Philipp Rothmaler   What is a type?

December 3 


Tatyana Khodorovskiy, Hunter College  Smooth 4-manifolds and embeddings of rational homology balls


December 10 

  Andrew McInerney  What is global analysis?