Fall 2012 Schedule

October 2


Karen Taylor   Sums of three squares and class numbers




October 9 


Luis Fernandez   Almost complex maps from the 2-dimensional sphere to the 6-dimensional sphere




October 16 


Kerry Ojakian   Cops and Robber on the Hypercube




October 23


Radek Wojciechowski  York College-CUNY  “Intrinsic metrics on weighted graphs




October 30


CUNY closed




November 6


Tao Chen   Geometric characterization of a family of entire functions




November 13


Krzysztof Klosin  Queens College-CUNY   “Galois representations and modular forms




November 20


Sajjad Lakzian   “Smooth Convergence Away From Large Singular Sets




November 27


Jorge Pineiro   A Presentation of the Algebraic Fundamental Group”




December 4


Tao Chen   No Invariant Line Fields on the Escaping Sets of a Family of Entire Functions


December 11

  Karen Taylor  “Sums of three squares and class numbers, Part II”



Spring 2012 Schedule

February 28 


Asya Shpiro,   Medgar Evers College   Modeling Bistable Perception




March 6 


Neil Katz,   New York City College of Technology   A synthetic lower curvature bound on length measure spaces




March 13 


QuanLei Fang   “Invariant subspaces for certain finite-rank perturbations of diagonal operators”




March 20 


Roman Kossak   Hilbert's Program




March 27 


Alexey Ovchinnikov,  Queens College  Integrability conditions for systems of linear differential equations with parameters




April 3 


Bart Van Steirteghem,   Medgar Evers College  The weight monoid of a smooth affine spherical variety




April 10 






April 17 


Karen Taylor,  The Selberg Trace Formula




April 24 


Charles Steinhorn, Vassar College   Partial and total orders in o-minimal structures with an application to economics




May 1 


Austin Daughton,   Temple University  The Abundance Principle for Dirichlet Series


May 8 

  Allen Tesdall,  College of Staten Island   “Modeling the triple point paradox and some related problems”