Fall 2011 Schedule

September 13  


Katherine St. John, Lehman College   Walks on Trees: Exploring Phylogenetic Treespace




September 20  


Quanlei Fang,  Essential normality of polynomial-generated submodules




September 27  


Silvius Klein, Medgar Evers College   Spectral Problems for Discrete Quasi-Periodic Schrodinger Operators




October 4  


No Seminar: Classes Follow Friday Schedule




October 11  


Tony Weaver,   Graphs on Surfaces: conformal and analytic approaches




October 18  


Zhe Wang,   Holomorphic Motions




October 25  


David Marker, University of Illinois at Chicago  Model Theory and Exponentiation




November 1  

  Nikos Apostolakis,  “Covering Moves and invariants of 3-manifolds based on quandles”

November 8  


Zheng Huang, College of Staten Island   A Tale of Three Equations-Immerse Surfaces into Hyperbolic 3-manifolds




November 15  


Abhijit Champanerkar, College of Staten Island    The geometry of knot complements




November 22  


No Seminar: Classes Follow Thursday Schedule


November 29  

  Kealey Dias,   Quadratic Differentials: What are they, and why do we care?

December 6  

  Philip Ording,  Medgar Evers College   Heegaard diagrams and knots



Spring 2011 Schedule

March 1  


Catherine Williams,  Columbia University  Boundaries of black holes in general relativity”




March 8  


Andrew Parker,  BMCC & Baruch College    “Towards an Obstruction Theory for Projective Modules”




March 15  


Marcello Lucia,  College of Staten Island  “Uniqueness and Antisymmetry of Solutions for Some Semilinear Problems”




March 22  


Michael Munn,  New York City Tech  Volume Growth and Nonnegative Ricci curvature




March 29  


Mark DeBonis, Manhattan College  Another Way to Solve Systems of Multi-polynomial Equations




April 5  


Kealey Dias,  Counting Combinatorial Classes of Complex Polynomial Vector Fields in C




April 12  


Christian Laing, Biomathematics Group, NYU  The writhe of polygonal open curves and its application as an RNA shape descriptor




April 19  






April 26  






May 3  


Mu-Tao Wang, Columbia University  “On the notion of quasilocal mass in General Relativity


May 10  

  Natalia Novak  Computer-aided reasoning about knowledge and justifications