Fall 2010 Schedule

September 28  


Camilo Sanabria,Generalizing a Theorem of Klein on second order linear differential equations




October 5  


Roman Kossak,Resplendent structures




October 12  


Cormac O'Sullivan,Taylor coefficients of modular forms




October 19  






October 26  






November 2  


Karen Taylor, “Rademacher on J(z)”




November 9  


Bart Van Steirteghem, Medger Evers College - CUNY “Alexeev and Brion's invariant Hilbert scheme through examples




November 16  


Philipp Rothmaler   Universal domains for differential algebra




November 23  


No seminar




November 30  


Leonid Pomirchi,  “The Monte Carlo method in statistical physics


December 7

  Nikolaos Apostolakis   Graphs, Maps and the Hurwitz action



Spring 2010 Schedule

March 2  


Bianca Santoro, City College of New York, “Complete Kahler Ricci-flat metrics on resolutions of singularities




March 9  


Roman Kossak, “H10”




March 16  


Gabino Gonzalez-Diez, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain  “Dessins d’enfants, Riemann surfaces and covers”




March 23  


Tony Weaver, “Dessins d’enfants, II”




March 30  






April 6  


No seminar




April 13  


STANLEY FRIEDLANDER LECTURE:   Juhi Jang,  Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU  “Hydrodynamic Limits for the Boltzmann Equations”




April 20  


Christian Benes, Brooklyn College,  “The Schramm-Loewner Evolution”




April 27  


Yaacov Kopeliovich  “Theta constant identities for jacobians of cyclic 3-sheeted covers of the sphere and representations of the symmetric group”




May 4   


Thomas G. Kucera, University of Manitoba, Canada  Injective modules and how to build them


May 11

  Maria Psarelli    “Nonlinear Waves: Maxwell meets Dirac at  Minkowski's space”