The Department Seminars

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bronx Community College

  The Department Seminars are given by BCC department faculty and invited speakers from other institutions. The seminar usually meets on Tuesdays at 12 p.m. in room CP 305. Talks generally last one hour. All are welcome.

Coordinator:  Maria Psarelli   ( )


Fall 2009 Schedule

September 22  


Uma Iyer"Differential operators on the free associative algebras"




September 29    


No Seminar: Classes follow a Monday schedule




October 6    


Marcello Lucia, College of Staten Island-CUNY, "Uniqueness of steady-states for a chemotaxis model"




October 13    


Martin Bendersky, Hunter College and the Graduate Center  "An application of spectral sequences to normal forms"




October 20    


Durvudkhan Suragan, Almaty  "A boundary condition of the Newton potential and its applications"




October 27    


Huseyin Yuce, New York City College of Technology-CUNY, "Perturbation methods for biharmonic eigenvalue problem"




November 3    


Lan-Hsuan Huang, Columbia University,  "Center of mass in general relativity"




November 10  


Tony Weaver,   "A Diophantine Frobenius Problem: the Largest Non-genus of a Cyclic Group"




November 17  


No Seminar




November 24   






December 1   


Dan Lee, Queens College,  "The notion of mass in general relativity and Riemannian geometry"




December 8   


Nikos Apostolakis,   "Lefschetz Fibration Structures on Four–manifolds"




Last Seminar: December 14, Monday- Please note day change


Dijana Jakelic, University of North Carolina, Wilmington   "Hyper Loop Algebras and Representation Theory"



Spring 2009 Schedule

February 17  


Jonas Reitz, New York City College of Technology   "Set Theoretic Geology"




February 24    


No talk scheduled




March 3    


Roman Kossak,   "Sets"




March 10    


Nikos Apostolakis,   "Counting trees and (not) Burnside's Lemma"




March 17    


Mohamed Messaoudene,   "Applications of Minimal Surfaces to Topology" 




March 24    


Olympia Hadjiliadis, Brooklyn College   "Quickest Detection and Applications in Engineering"




March 31    


Andrew Douglas, New York City College of Technology   "Generalized Lie-Yamaguti Structures on the sl(3,C)- module V(n,n)"




April 7   


Sheila Miller, Westpoint Military Academy   "An open problem pertaining to finite algebras, braid groups, and large cardinals"




April 15    






April 21    


Nikos Apostolakis,   "Trees, Braids, Actions"  




April 28   


Philipp Rothmaler,   "Cantor-Bendixson rank in topological spaces"  




May 5   


  Dorian Goldfeld, Columbia University   "Low lying zeros of L-functions in higher rank"