The Department Seminars

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bronx Community College


 Fall 2008 Schedule

September 23     Tony Weaver "Dessins d'enfants"
September 30     No classes , No Seminar
October 7     Frederick Gardiner, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center
"Picture hanging problems and the uniform structure of Teichmuller space"
October 14     Monday Schedule, No seminar
October 21     Sergei Artamoshin  "Spherical Symmetry of the 2-D Poisson kernel and its applications"
October 28     Jorge Pineiro "Geometry of algebraic varieties with self-maps"
November 4    Cormac O'Sullivan "Lehmer's conjecture on the non-vanishing of Poincare series"
November 11    Uma Iyer "Cartan prolongations of orthogonal Lie (super) algebras"
November 18    Nikos Apostolakis "Combinatorics of Hurwitz monodromies"
November 25    Roman Kossak "Pseudo-exponentiation"
December 2    Sam Coskey, CUNY Graduate Center  "The Set Theory of classification problems"
December 9    Luis Fernandez  "The set of solutions of a particular system of Differential Equations"


 Spring 2008 Schedule

February 19   Karel Hrbacek, City College of New York "Analysis Using Relative Infinitesimals"
February 26    Roman Kossak "Two theorems on nonstandard models and their combinatorial/number theoretic content."
March 4    Uma Iyer "Introduction to Quantum Groups, I"
March 11    No Seminar
March 18    Uma Iyer "Introduction to Quantum Groups, II"
March 25    Delaram Kahrobaei, NYCCT "Application of Combinatorial Group Theory in Cryptography"
April 1    Justin Vazquez-Poritz, Baruch College "Predictions from gauge-gravity duality"
April 8    Radek Wojciechowski " Heat Kernel and Essential Spectrum of Infinite Graphs"
  Joseph Malkevitch, York College and the Graduate Center  " Isosceles Triangle Polyhedra"
April 22     SPRING BREAK
April 29    Andrew McInerney " Things that happened while I was away (Contact Structures on tori)"
May 6    Alex Kheyfits "Asymptotic behavior of harmonic functions at a singular boundary point"
May 13    Victoria Gitman, NYCCT "Standard systems of non-standard models of Peano Arithmetic"