The Department Seminars

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bronx Community College


 Fall 2007 Schedule

September 25   Uma Iyer   "Volichenko algebras"
October 2    Luis Fernandez   "Harmonic maps from the 2-sphere to spheres"
October 9   Ali Enayat, American University   "Automorphisms of the Complex Field"
October 16   Gautam Chinta, City College of New York   "Representation numbers for Quadratic Forms"
October 23   Amir Togha   "A theorem of Sikora"
October 30   Russell Miller, Queens College and the GC "Algorithms on Computable Fields"
November 6   Nikos Apostolakis   "Lefschetz Fibrations and branched coverings, revisited"
November 13   Tomek Nowicki,  IBM   "Convex Dynamics and  Error diffusion. Iterations of the maps defined as piecewise translations on Voronoi regions of  polytopes."
November 20   No Seminar. Thursday schedule
November 27   Cormac O'Sullivan   "The Circle Method of Hardy and Ramanujan, and a new result."
December 4   No Seminar.
December 11   Linda Keen , Distinguished Professor, Lehman College and the Graduate Center
Tentative title: "Palindromes and discreteness in two generator groups"



 SPRING 2007 Schedule

February 20   Mohamed Messaoudene,    "On the Stability of Minimal Submanifolds in Riemannian Spaces"
February 27   Noson Yanofsky, Brooklyn College-CUNY  "An Introduction to Quantum Computing"
 Harold Weitzner, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU  "The Motion of a Charged Particle in Given Electromagnetic Fields"
March 13   Jorge Pineiro,   "P-adic Analytic Spaces"
March 20   Thomas Wilke, Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet, Kiel, Germany,   "Formal Analysis of Cryptographic Protocols"
March 27   Marcos Zyman,   "IA-Automorphisms and Localization of Nilpotent Groups"
April  3   Spring Break
April 10   Spring Break
April 17  

James H. Schmerl, University of Connecticut,  "From Sierpinski's paradoxical 1919 decomposition of the plane  and into the 21st century"

April 24   Ravi Kulkarni, Queens College and the Graduate Center CUNY,  "Dynamics of Linear and Affine Maps"
May 1   Philipp Rothmaler,   "Steinitz transcendence done without algebra"         
May 8   Radek Wojciechowski,   "Stochastic Completeness of Graphs"
May 15   Tony Weaver,   "The Isoperimetric Inequality for a Hyperbolic Group"