The Department Seminars

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bronx Community College

  The Department Seminars are given by BCC department faculty and invited speakers from other institutions. The seminar usually meets on Tuesdays at 12 p.m. in room CP 305. Talks generally last one hour. All are welcome.

Coordinator:  Maria Psarelli   ( )


 Fall 2006 Schedule

September 19  

Pedram Safari   "Gluing Seiberg-Witten monopoles"

September 26   Uma Iyer   "Lie Superalgebras, Part I"
October 3    No seminar (Monday schedule)
October 10   Uma Iyer   "Lie Superalgebras, Part II"
October 17   Cormac O'Sullivan   "Number Theory meets Geometry: counting lattice points in tetrahedra"
October 24   Roman Kossak   "Isomorphism invariants for a class of discretely ordered rings (from algebra to set theory and back)"
October 31   Nikos Apostolakis   "Branched coverings, Lefschetz fibrations and open books"
November 7   Sharon Persinger   "The Darker Side of Poe: Secret Codes BC and PC".  Part of CTE Week in RBSC 208 from 12-2
November 14   Lucien Szpiro, Distinguished Professor, CUNY Graduate Center, "Diophantine geometry from a dynamical point of view"
November 21   Wladimir Pribitkin, College of Staten Island,   "Sign Changes of Coefficients of Generalized Dirichlet Series"
November 28   Jaya Iyer,  Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton   "Parabolic bundles in Algebraic Geometry"
December 5   Tony Weaver   "Gromov Hyperbolicity I"
December 12   Tony Weaver   "Gromov Hyperbolicity II"
January 12, 2007

Friday, 1 pm

  C. C. Yang, The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology,   "The Distribution of Values Theory and Functional Equations"



 SPRING 2006 Schedule

February 14   Tony Weaver   "Stratifying Riemann's moduli space via equisymmetry I"
February 21   No Seminar    (Monday Schedule)
February 28    Jorge Pineiro   "An Introduction to Algebraic Geometry"
March 7   Joel Zablow,  Rochester Institute of Technology "On Relations and Homology in the Dehn Twist Quandle of a Surface"
March 14   Jean Steiner, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU "Hide-and-Seek and the `Trace' of Laplace Inverse"
March 21   Ravi Kulkarni, Queens College and the Graduate Center "Evolution of the Idea of Space and its Curvature"
March 28   Cancelled
April  4   Cormac O'Sullivan, "What's the largest number of Chicken McNuggets you cannot buy?"   (Subtitle: New closed-form solutions to a 4 dim. Frobenius problem)
April 11   Tony Weaver  "Stratifying Riemann's moduli space via equisymmetry II"
April 18  

***Spring Break***

April 25   Roman Kossak,  "Godel's Centennial"
May 2   Amir Togha, "Algebraic Construction of Infinitesimals"         
May 9   Nikos  Apostolakis, "Completing Hurwitz, moduli and configuration spaces.  (To say  nothing of the ribbon graphs.)"