The Department Seminars

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Bronx Community College


Spring 2000:

Aronszajn Trees - Dorshka Wylie, BCC

The Surjectivity of the Exponential Map of a Lie Group  - Marty Moskowitz, CUNY Graduate Center

Fall 1999:

Godel's Theorems   -   Roman Kossak, BCC

Open Problems in Elementary Geometry  -  Mohamed Messaoudene, BCC

Maxwell-Klein-Gordon Equations  -  Maria Psarelli, BCC

Spring 1999:

Continuum Hypotheses and M.A.D. Families  -   Yi Zhang, Rutgers University

Building Work and Study Skills in Mathematical Classroom  -  Yoram Sagher, University of Illinois at Chicago

Quasi-conformal Maps and Teichmuller Spaces  -  Ivan Petrovic, BCC 

Fall 1998:

Recent Results in Graph Theory  -   Marty Lewinter, SUNY Purchase

Infinite Groups   -   Peter Yom, BCC

Duck Rabbits in Rn   -  Sidney Raffer, BCC

O-minimality  -   Roman Kossak, BCC

Isometries: Reflections are enough   -   Schuster, Carleton College, WI

Riemann Surfaces  -   Tony Weaver, BCC

Spring 1998:

Properties Associated with Special Functions  -   Lee Lorch, York University, Canada

Combinatorial Properties of 3-dimensional Polyhedra    -   Joseph Malkevitch, York College/CUNY

Geometrization of 3-Manifolds    -  Teodoro Sorgo, BCC

The Geometry of Transformation Groups, or the Erlanger Program revisited  -  Augustin Banyaga, Penn State University

Solutions and Subsolutions of the Schrodinger Equation   -  Alexander Kheyfits, BCC

Fall 1997:

Braids in 3-Manifolds   -   Gretchen Wright, BCC

Solving the Word and Conjugacy Problems in the Braid Group   -   Joan Birman, Columbia University

Can you win an Infinite game?  -  Joel David Hamkins, College of State Island

Geometry and Transformation Groups    -   Andrew McInerney, BCC

Spring 1997:

Survey of Algorithms for Matrix Multiplication   -  Julian Lederman, Lehman College

Rules of Signs: Descartes, Fourier, Sturm   -  Stanley Friedlander, BCC

Rules of Signs: Routh-Hurwitz, Jacobi, Hankel  -   Stanley Friedlander, BCC

A Family of Many-valued Logics  -  Melvin Fitting, Graduate Center/CUNY

Word Hyperbolic Groups   -  Sharon Persinger, BCC

The Topology of Countably Infinite Sets   -    Atlaw Beliligne, BCC

Fall 1996:

Hilbertís Program: 100 years ago and now   -  Roman Kossak, BCC

K-Orbits in Flag Varieties  -   Robert Shalla, BCC

Itís all Greek to Me: A Classical Approach to the Volume and Surface Area of a Sphere  -   Barry Stein, BCC