Math Tests Preparation web-sites

  1. Hostos Community College Web-site for COMPASS (M1, M2) Tests.
    To access this web-site go to Math Review for
    • Diagnostic Tests for COMPASS Pre-algebra M1, Algebra M2 or for
    • Practice Tests for M1 or M2.
  2. Plato Web Network Learning Software (, suitable for COMPASS, Math 01, 05, 06.
    For first time log-in the students have to go to the Math Tutorial Lab in CPH-303 and ask for access to this web-site. The lab supervisor will provide the student with account number, user name, group name, and password. The web-site has tutorials, practice exercises, mastery tests, etc., The lab supervisor can monitor your online work. This monitoring system clocks the exact time you log-in and out as well as the exercises you do. The time you put in can count towards the mandatory 15 hours, if applicable.
  3., suitable for COMPASS (M1, M2), Math 01, 05.
    You can log-in by (a) enrolling yourself without a specific class, or (b) enrolling in an online class or group through your instructor or the Math Tutorial Lab supervisor in CPH-303.
    For (a) go to the above web-site, your user name is firstname.lastname, password is bcc, site is bcc01.
    For (b) your instructor or lab supervisor will enroll you in a specific online class or group and advise you regarding the modules or lessons required by you for M1 or M2 and also monitor your work.
  4., suitable for COMPASS (M2)
    In the Resources for Math on this site there are COMPASS Practice Worksheets A to J. The site also provides power point solutions to all worksheets.
  5., suitable for COMPASS (M2), Math 05
    This web-site will provide you with links to download xyalgebra as a student and xymanager to monitor progress.
  6., suitable for many math courses including COMPASS (M1, M2), and also COMPASS 3, 4, and 5
    This web-site provides streaming learning videos with audios for many college subjects including math. This is very useful not only for COMPASS math but higher level math also.