George Leibman

Associate Professor


Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Bronx Community College

University Avenue and 181st Street

Bronx, NY 10453



1979 B.S. Mathematics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1994 M.S. Computer Science, Polytechnic University

2004 Ph.D. Mathematics, CUNY Graduate Center



Maximality Principles for ccc-Forcing

CUNY Set Theory Seminar, 10-26-2007, 11-02-2007


A Nonstandard Proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra (CUNY Graduate

Student Logic Seminar, July 2003)


The Unified Modeling Language (Featured Talk, Princeton ACM/IEEE Computer Society Joint Meeting, Sarnoff Corporation, January 1999)



1. G. Leibman, J. Stevens and P. Waterhouse, Technique for Locating Electronic

Labels in an Electronic Price Display System, U.S. Patent 5,374,815

2. Tetsunosuke Fujisaki, Joonki Kim, G. Leibman and C. C. Tappert, Improving

On-Line Handwriting Recognition using a Prototype Confusability Dialog, U.S.

Patent 5,315,667

3. C. C. Tappert, J. Kim and G. Leibman, Methods and Apparatus for improving

prototypes of similar characteristics, U.S. Patent 5,285,505


IBM Patent Application Award



1. George Leibman, ”Consistency Strengths of Modified Maximality Principles,”

Ph.D. dissertation, CUNY Graduate Center, June 2004.

2. George Leibman, ”A Nonstandard Proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra”,

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4. Joel David Hamkins, George Leibman, and Benedikt Loewe, “Structural Connections Between a Forcing Class and its Modal Logic”, Israel Journal of Mathematics, v. 207, No. 2 (April 2015)